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Headquartered in Washington State, Bluehawk is a management consulting firm offering practical and cost-effective business solutions for clients across industries. Our success is built on the foundation of our key principles: Talent, Reliability, Quality, and Honesty.

Our Clients

Bluehawk provides consulting services for a variety of companies and industries throughout Puget Sound. Our experienced team of consultants are engaged in high-tech, telecommunications, healthcare and retail supporting a wide range of companies from privately owned to Fortune 500.

Our clients count on us to identify and build customized business strategies and solutions. We develop programs, policies and business plans to support strategic imperatives, and help position companies to achieve their business goals.


“Bluehawk is one of the finest suppliers I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my 20+ years of experience. Not only are Bluehawk employees dependable, honest, and exceptional in their abilities, they are always willing to go above and beyond what is required of them. Whether it is a simple tactical planning presentation, or a complex president-level debrief, members of the Bluehawk team take pride in every detail to a perfectionistic level. Time and time again they demonstrate their passion and deep caring of Microsoft’s success by bringing new ideas to fruition with a level of consistency commensurate with their deep and proven industry knowledge.“

Director, Microsoft Corp.


401K Program With Company Matching Launched

Bluehawk Consulting is proud to offer continuous enrichment for our benefits programs. We believe in a total compensation philosophy that includes an opportunity for employees to save toward their retirement. We recently modified our 401K program to include a generous company matching component to show our commitment to helping our valued employees plan for their future.

Redmond Office Opens

We are excited to announce the opening of our second office in Puget Sound. A significant portion of our employee population work on outsourced client projects requiring colocation of our project teams. This new office brings our service teams together to maximize collaboration and execution of our key client deliverables.